Get Rid of the Gym
Get Rid of the Male Trainer
A $620 value for a single payment of $47
with a sixty-day money back guarantee


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My name is Lori-Ann Marchese, owner of Body Construct, LLC. I am a WBFF Pro, Fitness Cover Model, fitness magazine writer and won many bikini competitions.

After Training with Male Trainers, going gym to gym, and
frustrations, I have realized nothing worked! I just couldn’t get the lean legs, perfect glutes, abs, and definition I was looking for.

So I started training on my own. Guess what? I quit the Gym!! Thats right! I am finally going to release my Top Workout secrets to my success. I created this program specifically for women only! I wanted to share my experience and my top secrets to help women get the body they been always looking for.

Male Trainers just don't have an understanding of what women need! This program was created specifically for us women!
My mission is to impact as many women as possible by releasing there frustrations and getting them RESULTS!

The Secret Basement Workouts to get you So Fine and Defined in the NEXT 30 Days!

Workout DVD 1
"Upper Body Definition Blast"

Get Toned and Defined Arms with these Strength and Power Movements

Workout DVD 2
"Lower Body Burn"

The Ultimate Leg and Glutes Workout that gets your Legs and Hips looking lean and Turning your CinnaBuns to Buns of Steel"

Workout DVD 3
" Full Body Explosion"

Full Body Mix with Weights and Cardio together for 1 Explosive Workout that works out every body part and angle!

In 30 minutes you can shred and burn fat in target areas throughout your upper body. Get in your fat burning zone and have extreme focus and determination to see the shape of your shoulders, triceps, and biceps as each workout you progress and tone.


Quick Nutrition Guide - 30 Day Diet and Recipes
I am not going to complicate your life with crazy or hard to follow plans. My 30 Day Nutrition Plan is easy-to-follow and basic. Nobody needs to run around looking for crazy foods to get in shape then get out-of-shape when they get tired of some
stupid diet plan.

My 30 Day Diet Plan and with my super quick and easy recipes will make your life easy going and results guaranteed.


30 Day Workout Calendar
Track each day with your results and ensure you follow a plan for success! This is how we get things done at Body Construct with a blueprint for construction. Days and time fly, so make sure you keep your determination with this 30 Day Workout Calendar.

One-time payment of $47 for instant download of the entire program

An over $620.00 Value for just one payment of $47.00
with a 60-Day Money-Back Guarantee
NOTE: Body Construct is a completely downloadable series of digital videos and eBook files. No physical products will be shipped. After you order, you will get INSTANT ACCESS to download all product components onto your computer (no waiting or shipping costs!). The format for all manuals, workbooks, checklists, can be viewed on Mac or PC.